Saturday, October 24, 2009

So Lovin' "Hair One"

It's the rain before the storm and I sit wondering why did I press my hair without looking at the weather! I didn't do it bone straight because when I decided to press it it was just for the sake of pressing it. And hey if I stay inside it may last a few days LOL. But seriously my hair is way too thick to be bothered with doing this that often. But it's a nice change.

Well let's see...I've been natural (without relaxer) since Summer of '07; after college around '05 if i remember correctly was probably a few at home perms then just decided to stop them all together. And I had a big chop April of '08 (well actually I just wanted a low cut, I'm an everchanging hair fanatic, and later found out that's what naturals consider it- but it wasn't that big of a deal to me). I've had many braid styles, even a weave once very briefly, and about 3 attempts at locs- I actually kept them in on the 3rd try for 6 months. Thereafter realizing I wasn't about to deal with twisting or any other maintenance form, if my hair continued to grow as much as it does. 

So now I am here...experimenting, relearning, reloving, and dealing with the loose, natural, coily, hair that is me. In this continual discovery - which includes finding the right products- I have come across Hair One. Hair One is pretty much a cleansing conditioner. I have the one for dry scalp (i think i'll be getting them all!) and it has tea tree oil. It just feels so natural, herbal smelling and instantly softening. I really don't think I'll be using anything else. However I do still have a bottle of VO5 clarifying tea conditioner and dove intensive therapy that I may throw in every so often. Can't waste things! 

I do have oils, and other things but I'll save that for another time.

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Operation Right N Tight said...

yeahhhhhhhhhh Success! lol Ok so I wanted to say that I would love to try this product out. The product I am using now is ok but I am looking for a product that I feel is really doing something for my hair! :O)