Monday, November 16, 2009

Review of Oil Rinse

Excuse me and my messiness because i just can't seem to find the paper that i printed the directions on. oh well...let's continue.

So I saw a blogger talking about oil rinse. I stopped what I was reading to research exactly what this was and see its benefits etc. Since I was planning on washing my hair this weekend anyway I decided to try it out- a test run of sorts.  Basically if my memory serves me correctly, the procedure goes like this:
  • Use shampoo (I used almond castille soap) wash with warm water
  • Add favorite oil (I used one by DooGro) to hair especially on the ends, the focus is not the scalp . Rinse again with warm water
  • Use conditioner- a dollop or two- (I used Hair One's Tea Tree) 
  • Rinse with cool water to close in moisture and wash out some of the oil
I was having problems with my hair feeling really dry for a few days prior and my ends were feeling frizzy. Well let me tell you after I was done with this oil rinse, my hair was feeling good! And the problems with my ends were non existent. It was very moisturized, and i think it would feel great for a wash n' go too! (It's too cold for that of course)

When my cousin went to comb out my hair, some time after, had no problem. She put my hair in twists using the fantasia ic olive oil styling gel dry hair formula. I sealed the ends with a tea tree blend (had tree tree, castor oil things like that) by mega care--just rubbed a little bit of oil in my figures and rubbed the ends. and i oiled my actual scalp with...oops can't remember LOL.

My twists seem a little longer than the last time and I like that they curl in some places on their own :) Let's see if I can make it to a good 7 days with them (on day 2 now, last time lasted a good 5 but left it till day 6).

So over all I think the oil rinse would be something great either on a monthly basis or biweekly. I feel it is beneficial if your hair is feeling a little dry or unloved. Almost an additional treatment of sorts. Woot! Woot!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

So Lovin' "Hair One"

It's the rain before the storm and I sit wondering why did I press my hair without looking at the weather! I didn't do it bone straight because when I decided to press it it was just for the sake of pressing it. And hey if I stay inside it may last a few days LOL. But seriously my hair is way too thick to be bothered with doing this that often. But it's a nice change.

Well let's see...I've been natural (without relaxer) since Summer of '07; after college around '05 if i remember correctly was probably a few at home perms then just decided to stop them all together. And I had a big chop April of '08 (well actually I just wanted a low cut, I'm an everchanging hair fanatic, and later found out that's what naturals consider it- but it wasn't that big of a deal to me). I've had many braid styles, even a weave once very briefly, and about 3 attempts at locs- I actually kept them in on the 3rd try for 6 months. Thereafter realizing I wasn't about to deal with twisting or any other maintenance form, if my hair continued to grow as much as it does. 

So now I am here...experimenting, relearning, reloving, and dealing with the loose, natural, coily, hair that is me. In this continual discovery - which includes finding the right products- I have come across Hair One. Hair One is pretty much a cleansing conditioner. I have the one for dry scalp (i think i'll be getting them all!) and it has tea tree oil. It just feels so natural, herbal smelling and instantly softening. I really don't think I'll be using anything else. However I do still have a bottle of VO5 clarifying tea conditioner and dove intensive therapy that I may throw in every so often. Can't waste things! 

I do have oils, and other things but I'll save that for another time.