Monday, November 21, 2011

Intimate Apparel for the bigger busts and wider butts

It only makes sense that if I'm going to talk about lifestyle, that which is under the clothes come into play.  Yes, intimate apparel.  How we live has as much to do with how we feel as it does how we carry ourselves.  I find myself to have some source of info in this since my bust is rather large and I'm a big bodied chick in general.  I wanted to compile places or brands that accomadate me and may be of use to you.

When it comes to underoos for your womanly time, I prefer Lane Bryant's cacique full brief.  They are very comfortable, soft, and allow everything bit of me to be covered.  I wear a size down from my pants size (they are labelled like 12/14 etc).  For those sexy times (lol) lane bryant online usually has some nice ones, as well as torrid and kmart (yes kmart- joe boxer specifically).

Just my size and Yours Clothing has a small selction of bras for the bustier chicks.  I choose not to disclose my cup size but I will say I can't buy them in (brick and mortor) stores.  Some brands that hold up well in my experience (and have a bit of flair to them) include:  Elomi and Goddess. 

Now if we are talking shapewear, I only have a small amount.  Avenue goes up to 30/32 (online- Im unsure of in stores) so that helps.  Their shapewear panty I would buy as whatever pants size you are and it holds up well.  I do also have the shorts and cami.  They suck you in but at the same time have a tendency to roll up.  Not to mention the cami squishes my boobs but that's probably because they're too big haha. Anyway I prefer shapwear seperates over a bodysuit because I don't like to fiddle when I need to use the rest room so its a give-take!

I hope this little blurb was of some help.  Peace.