Monday, June 7, 2010

Organix Cocoa Butter Conditioner Review

Organix Conditioner Cocoa Butter 13 oz. (Instant Repair) Okay currently I am having serious dry itchy skin issues. Since I have eczema and the weather is climbing in degrees I just figured it goes with the territory.  From head to toe I have just been a scratching like a feen mess! I decided to wash my hair today since it was also giving me terror. 

I started with Hair One Tea tree oil cleanser and it was feeling so nice.  Then did an oil rinse with avocado oil.  Then I went on to  use the cocoa butter conditioner last.  This was my second time using this particular Organix brand.  I very much liked the Shea Butter one so figured I'd give this one a try.

Well well hair is NOT happy with the cocoa butter conditioner.  After scrunching my hair with it in the shower and getting ready to partially rinse. the itching ensued again. Aha! the culprit is caught!!! I am not sure what is in this one that isn't in the shea butter one but I would say sensitive scalps be warned.

It has only been moderately relieved with my Doo Gro Anti-Itch Growth Oil and some scratching (yeah not advised lol).

The unfortunate part is sans this revelation, it is a pretty good conditioner.  I like how it makes my hair feel and look.  And the smell is very chocolaty. 

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